Grappling with the Gray

Grappling with the Gray #43: For old times' sake?

March 29, 2023 Yonason Goldson Episode 43
Grappling with the Gray
Grappling with the Gray #43: For old times' sake?
Show Notes

How can we raise authentic concerns without being accused of political motivation or politically correctness?

That's our topic when the ethics panel convenes to Grapple with the Gray.

During his presidency, Ronald Reagan was often criticized for inaccuracies and misstatements. Sometime after he left the White House at age 77, it was revealed that he had been showing the first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease while still in office.

Last week, presidential hopeful Nikki Haley called for mental competency tests for candidates over 75, clearly targeting President Joe Biden’s expected re-election bid.

On the one hand, we want to encourage respect for both the wisdom and the challenges of the elderly. On the other hand, since impaired ability is a natural consequence of growing older, we want to protect the elderly and those around them from the potential dangers of diminishing function. This may include increased attention to issuing driver's licenses, operation of motorized wheelchairs, and addressing incapacity to perform their jobs.

How do we balance respect for the elderly against safety concerns while ensuring that they do not become victims of agism?

Meet this week’s panelists:

Karl Ahlrichs works with Healthcare issues and Risk Management in all forms, building high performing teams and applying "uncommon sense" to a high risk world.

Dave Bricker is a Speaker, Presentation Consultant, and sailing aficionado. He works with leaders and professionals to master the art of business storytelling—on the stage, on the page, or on the screen.

Jolanta Pomiotlo is Vice President of Information Technology for EXSIF Worldwide who manages innovative initiatives aimed at reducing operating costs, improving profit, and growing revenue.